Carlos Coutinho


I remember waking up at the end of the summer holidays with the chants of the grape harvest under my room. 

I remember at Easter to go eat ham and taste red green wine still very young at the home of two brothers tractor drivers friends.

I changed the arts for the management and later got in agricultural management.

Every day I marvel more with nature and its gifts.  Wine like water, olive oil or honey among many others are divine nectars. Every year I enjoy our wines more and more.

Many thanks to Vasco and Diogo, and special thanks to my family that pulled me into the wines world.

Diogo Lopos


Winemaker since 2004 and white drinker (moderate sometimes). Passionate about wine since...ever!

I started my career with the master Anselmo Mendes, in the region of Vinho Verde, with whom I collaborate with today.

I am passionate about the originality of Vinho Verde and believe in the potential of our caste.  They are unique and every day they surprise me.  I like to open a bottle and think about all of the processes that led to the final result.

The vineyard, the soil, the people. There is plenty of life inside every bottle of wine.

Vasco Magalhaes


When you ask a child what he wants to be when he grows up, you are certainly not waiting to hear...'I want to work in wine!' - Well since a very early age I had no doubt. The trips with my father to Regua Tua in the Douro Valley, the visits to the Port wine cellars, the tasting room where he worked daily, the smells, the history and the people.

I was awakened early to my passion for this extraordinary world.

I graduated in marketing and later took a graduate degree in oenology, where I met Diogo and I also met Carlos around that time too. I tried and tested all areas of wine, winemaking, viticulture, sales and marketing...I did it all. 

With the Cazas Novas project I realize the dream of one day being a producer.  Fortunately I did it with two great friends, in a fascinating region that surprises me every day.