Vinho Verde Young Projects

Working together to achieve one dream, to promote handcrafted projects and supporting each other on a journey to success. A brand new society composed by four young Vinho Verdes producers which have a very strong first point in common: getting back to their roots and create their own wine, inspired by their ancestors.

The soil, geography, and cultural practices is something they rely on: the terroir. That is the very important starting point that allows wines to have their own personality. As a consequence, these 4 young producers also put a lot of effort in grape quality, having all critical points under control, from bud break, till the harvest, vilification techniques and last but not the least the promotion and go to market.

The liaison of the four brands comes in a specific time, where they felt that together they could benefit from strong synergies coming from cooperation, being stronger in promoting and valuing new wine projects in Vinho Verdes Region. After their first appearance in the most important wine festival in the region (Vinhos Verdes Wine Fest 2015), they were able to show to the world, in a cool manner, a mix of paradoxical top-notch selling points from the region: tradition, innovation, competence, uniqueness and diversity.

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The other wineries involved in the project

Vales dos Ares

Quinta de Santiago


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Photo: Cazas Novas

The gardens at the house of owner Carlos Coutinho, and the view over the valley towards the river Minho.